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WAAS has created a Hive Monitoring portal which allows for continuous collection of hive data from a growing number of hives located across the south west of the State. Load sensors in these hives help inform beekeepers of nectar flows, dearths, swarms, potential starvation, and ambient temperature and in some cases internal hive temperature and humidity.  This data is now available for any beekeeper to monitor and share via our portal:

WAAS has initially partnered with a hive monitor manufacturer who allows users to automatically forward their scale data to WAAS. We hope to add other monitoring systems to the portal in the future.

The Hive Monitors Public Map shows information shared by scale users with the broader beekeeping community.  Initially we have scales reporting information stretching from Perth to Margaret River.  You will be able to see by post code what is happening at these shared locations. The current sites can be explored on the heat map below.

We hope to increase the coverage of the map to cover the SW Land Division and beyond in Western Austalia.  Anyone can purchase a hive scale and share data to our WAAS Hive Scale Map. 

For more information please contact us at


Have any questions? Need more information? Have something to send us? Please visit our Contacts page. We are volunteer organisation so it is best to contact us by email. We will reply as soon as we can.

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