Western Australian Apiarists' Society


Set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand 

Only required if selling honey - Highly recommended if gifting to put value on our product but does not need all the information 


  1. Product - Honey is a prescribed product so can only use honey. Can use honey varieties 
  2. Contact Address - (NO PO Box Numbers) A supplier in Australia has to be able to be contacted 
  3. Weight (Kg or g) - Weight in kilograms (if over 1 kg) or faction of kg if under 100 grams or just grams. Abbreviations kg or g. 
  4. In English - Must be in English, can use other languages as well. 
  5. Country of Origin - Must have the country of origin, use:
    1. Product of Australia 
    2. Produced in Australia 
    3. Product of Western Australia 
  6. Packed by/for + Date Packed + LOT Number - Should be able to identify the date of packaging to prevent a total recall. 
  7. Nutritional information - Can use standard nutritional information for serving and per 100grams 


  1. Use-by (or) Best before DATE - As shelf life is over two years not required. It is recommended that a best by say 3 years is used. Consumers expect a use by date. 
  2. Bar Codes-  If you wholesale to shops, most shops use bar codes. Bar Codes make your product look more commercial and less likely to be scrutinized by local health authorities. Bar codes can be obtained from http://www.australianbarcodes.com.au/ 
  3. Other - Other information that may help promote and distinguish your product from others; i.e. your sales pitch

Software to design labels Microsoft Publisher; Design Pro 5

This is a guide only, not a legal document or advice.

Prepared by Geoff Defrenne 3 July 2013 LABELS 

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