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Bee swarms are a relatively common occurrence in September, October and November in Western Australia. When bees swarm they are most unlikely to sting, so despite their appearance, people should not fear them, just treat them with respect. When a cluster of bees is seen hanging on a tree branch or similar, they are NOT thinking of setting up home there! They are in a transition waiting for the scout bees to find new accommodation. That might only take a couple of hours or at most a few days, but almost invariably they will move on, of their own accord but may to to somewhere less convenient.  That doesn't always suit us humans and there are many beekeepers who are available to remove the cluster of bees. 

Below is a list of swarm collectors and many Councils also have names of interested local beekeepers. Occasionally bees will occupy an old cupboard or box on a back verandah or in a shed, and establish themselves. 

There are many beekeepers who will come to remove established colonies like this too. Established hives inside tree trunks and inside double-brick wall cavities are almost impossible to remove, however, without destroying the tree or the wall.  In these cases, the bees may need to be destroyed.  It's better to save the tree.  Bees can be replaced easier than trees.

Members mostly charge a fee for their work but it is less than charged by a pest exterminator. Discuss this with our member when contact is made. WAAS members are usually not insured nor are they inclined to tackle removal jobs where access to the swarm / hive involves structural change to parts of equipment or buildings.

Please note: The list of swarm collectors below is made up of current WAAS members.  However, WAAS does not endorse, and is not accountable for work done by anyone on this list.

Swarm Collectors

Peter Ashworth 9496 1218 Metro East
Ian Beeson

0419 049 013 

Midland / Swan View

Daniel Bremer

0411 808 383 Metro South (a bee-friendly licensed pest control man) 
Gordon Carter  0429 784 831  Chittering & Surrounds
Jeanie Crago 0427 888 662   Eastern Hills/Midland/Swan View/Bullsbrook & surrounds
David Currey 0417 173 551 Hills area
Ken Fuller0405 555 187  Armadale and Surrounding areas
Brett Greedy