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This guide is to assist people who are buying bees and bee hives.

It does not guarantee that you will get good, productive or healthy bees; but will improve the chances.

By asking the questions; if the seller is not comfortable with giving you the answers, then you or they may want to walk away from the deal.

Questions to ask Seller

1.    Are you a registered bee keeper?

2.    What is your bee keeper registration number?

3.    Do you mind if I look up your registration number on the Ag Department register?

                  Note :  Look up the register before you  go to collect the bee hives

4.    Do you have your registration number on the boxes?

5.    Are all the hives healthy?

6.    Are they friendly bees?

7.    Is there a queen in the hive?

8.    How many boxes on the hive?

9.    Are the hives in good condition?

10.Are the frames in good condition?

11.How black are the frames?

12.Is there an excluder in the hive?

13.Is the excluder in good condition?

14.How many brood boxes?

15.How much honey is in the hive?

16.When did you last extract the hive?

17.What type of boxes are they:-

                        i.     Full depth

                       ii.     WSP

                     iii.     Manley

18.How many frames in each box?

19.Where are the bees being kept?


Inspect the hive for


capped brood

young brood

Check the condition of the frames

Is the hives sound, ie box, floor, excluder lid

Do the hives match the description?

Apply  the beekeeper’s registered identifier to a hive within 7 days of taking possession of  the hive.

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